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People are without a doubt your greatest asset, and yet it’s getting harder for you to find, hire and retain the best talent.

Companies that attract and keep the best people are called People Companies. They focus on providing amazing experiences for their employees, so that they are engaged and want to do their best work.

To help you succeed at this, we’ve created a profiler that will tell you how your organization compares to other companies, and provide resources to help you take the next steps in your journey.

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Becoming a People Company is crucial to the success of a modern employer. It helps you attract and keep the talent you need to grow and innovate.

Tell us about your organization and we’ll generate your company profile. So, you can see how you’re doing compared to your peers.

We’ll also select extra, relevant content to help you become a truly people-centric business.

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Benchmarking people progress

Behind our profiler is research with 500 HR directors and Chief People Officers in the UK and US. We asked how they are using data, technology and People Science to make better decisions.

From their responses, we’ve identified four stages that businesses experience as they make the journey to becoming a People Company.

These four stages allow us to show you your progress so far, and what you can do to advance in your journey as a People Company.

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Becoming a People Company

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