HR stays a step ahead in a fast-changing service business

Sage Business Cloud People's collaborative, supportive approach delivers cultural fit as well as 30%+ productivity gains

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About Spencer Ogden

Spencer Ogden has enjoyed impressive growth in its recruitment operations. In six years they’ve established a growing business worldwide, starting out as specialists in the engineering sector. Building on their success, they now operate in energy and infrastructure too, with 400 staff and 12 sites. They’re a forward-looking, innovative business team that values the power of new technology to help them work smarter and better. They have clear values, delivering the best in professional, proactive recruitment and working with skilled professionals all over the globe. They’re determined to be market leaders and offer unrivalled service.


Spencer Ogden was not only interested in a great system. They wanted something that would fit their innovative and vibrant brand and culture. They needed great technology that would meet the needs of their own highly mobile team as well as their millennial candidate and client base.

The business is fast-paced and rapidly changing. Existing processes and office systems couldn’t keep up with the growing workload and demand for information. The Spencer Ogden management team wanted to give their HR people the tools to do less manual admin and reporting. That way they could use their skills to focus on better service and driving business growth.


Operations Director Donna Hewitt evaluated a number of HRIS solutions. Sage Business Cloud People was a clear choice to meet her objectives. She wanted flexibility for future growth, great technology and functionality, swift and efficient deployment and good value in the market.

The system made a difference immediately. The HR team cut the time they spent on simple but vital tasks like headcount reporting. They can access accurate data instantly and generate automated reports. Tasks that used to take hours or days now take seconds or minutes, freeing the team to add real value to the Spencer Ogden HR operation. Holiday admin and other individual information-based tasks are now self-service for employees. They find the mobile app handy and easy to use any time, while the HR team has shed a time-consuming burden of paperwork.

Donna Hewitt can clearly quantify the benefit for her fast-growing firm. The HR team was continually expanding to accommodate bigger headcounts. The system has reduced the ratio of HR people from 1:60 to 1:70. The team is still growing to keep pace, but everyone has more time to focus on value added tasks. Donna Hewitt estimates they’ve freed up to 40% of HR time that used to be spent on routine admin and reporting.


Wider thinking
The Sage Business Cloud People system gives Spencer Ogden a truly scalable and flexible solution. At present, the team believes it’s only using up to 20% of the systems potential capability. They’re excited about how much more it can do for them. It’s also well adapted to the firm’s international business market. It can accommodate different legal requirements and practices for local regions. Spencer Ogden has a world-class system that will grow with them as they continue to achieve their expansion goals.

Donna Hewitt recognises that the Sage Business Cloud People system offers very good value. It provides innovative and leading edge technology with excellent core functions. It’s also adapted well to fit Spencer Ogden’s particular needs. It’s a configurable solution without a bespoke price tag.

Service and support matter too. Spencer Ogden found the Sage team responsive, knowledgeable and eager to help them get the benefit from day one. We continue to support Spencer Ogden as they exploit more and more of Sage’s potential to advance their business.

“The usual standard for HR people per employee is 1 in 60 – we’ve managed to get that to 1 in 70… purely because Sage Business Cloud People takes away probably 30 – 40% of that individual’s time and work.”
Donna Hewett, Operations Director

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