MCC exceed global HR aspirations with Sage People

Mennonite Central Committee enhance global HR visibility, improving resource response to support vulnerable people

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With 1,100 employees providing support and compassion to vulnerable people around the world, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has benefited from global visibility of their people, and provided an enhanced workforce experience with employees able to manage their own personal data.

Bringing a global non-profit organization closer together
MCC is a not for profit organization, based in Canada and the U.S. that has over 1,500 employees providing disaster relief, development and peace around the world focussing on promoting non-violence in areas of conflict.

In times of disaster, MCC provides emergency food, shelter and supplies, like the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. MCC helps to strengthen people’s long-term access to food and water, healthcare and education, such as building sand dams in Kenya, and organizing maternal and newborn health initiatives in Afghanistan.

Like most with a globally dispersed workforce, its HR team are required to report instantly on the whereabouts of its people and report to the board on their performance against strategic objectives. It’s fair to say their HR team have their work cut out. Because MCC’s employees are based across the globe in over 50 countries, they need to be able to access information and receive updates from the field quickly and easily. Their central HR team also needs to be able to communicate regularly and consistently with them.

For example, employees can be called upon to travel to an area which needs support on short notice, and so it’s vital that team leaders can access information such as the current location of staff, and skills mix, rapidly. Previously, MCC had been using a HR system built on old and out-of-date software which they found costly to maintain, with very limited features. It didn’t support how and where the organization worked. And it wasn’t getting the best from their people.

Choosing Sage Business Cloud People
There were three simple reasons for MCC’s choice to move to Sage People, according to Karen Grace-Pankratz, Director of Human Resources, MCC.

“Firstly, Sage People provides a great user and workforce experience –it’s intuitive for team members. Secondly, it scales globally. And thirdly, it provides management teams and the board of directors with information and insight never before possible, to plan and execute for the future.”

Our workforce love it because it is so easy to use,” adds Grace-Pankratz.
“It was also simple to integrate Sage People with so many of our processes at MCC like recruitment, time and attendance, performance,and training and development. Staff have really embraced the ability to have access and control over their personal information and organizational data.”

Benefits that support the MCC mission
MCC’s area directors and country reps manage staff in international locations. Grace-Pankratz explains, “They appreciate the new system because it allows them to fully participate in recruitment, having access to screening and assessment materials in a secure and ‘real-time’ environment, while working remotely and across multiple time zones. It also allows them to gather and analyze information to predict future outcomes,” she adds.

Most noticeably, Sage People has taken a lot of the administrative work out of MCC’s processes and procedures.

“We love the automatic work-flows that we’ve been able to create,” explains Grace-Pankratz. “It’s allowed our HR team to focus on strategic initiatives across the organization and direct client service.”

MCC can now manage their current and potential talent pools in ways they never could have in the past. Sage People has allowed them to target the specific skills and experience they need within their existing workforce and candidate pool to hire the right people in the right place at the right time.

“As everyone knows,” says Grace-Pankratz, “a hiring mistake is one of the most expensive mistakes an organization can make!”

Ensuring customers are for life
Crucially for MCC and Grace-Pankratz, support has been fundamental to the success of the project that she was keen to point out.

“Implementing a new HR system is never easy, but MCC has been supported well from the start, and we continue to receive great customer care from the Sage People team.”

“From the beginning, the Sage People team got to know our organization and our priorities. We had some crazy scenarios and they worked hard to find solutions that only required configurable and not expensive customization. We are really thankful we ended up with Sage Business Cloud People,” she concluded.

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