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Sage Business Cloud People brings self-service convenience for excellent employee experience

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About MUFG Fund Services

Mitsubishi UFG Fund Services is one of the largest and most trusted players in the complex world of asset servicing. They’re growing quickly, and partner with over 300 clients on 1,100 funds globally. Today they have 16 offices around the world. Part of one of the largest banks in the world, Japan-based Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), the company has a 350+ year heritage in financial services.


The MUFG HR team had always tracked HR data on spreadsheets. There was no centralized location where they could access and update data. With different time zones and an HR team and workforce spread around the world, HR data had become almost unmanageable. In 2014 there were eight offices in seven locations and an ever increasing work population. The HR team decided they needed a comprehensive HR system to regain control and reduce the admin burden. There was even more urgency because MUFG was going through a growth spurt and had a recruitment drive on.

The starting point was to get core data up on the system, extracting it from the spreadsheets and silos that held it across MUFG’s teams and locations.

Making the employee experience excellent was a priority too. Recruiting great people is key to MUFG’s growth, and then making sure they stay. Part of that is making their experience the best it can be, with accessible interactive tools and shared information.

The team was recommended some large HR software providers and reviewed their offerings. Veronica van der Hoeven says, “We found initially that a lot of those providers were giving us a real hard sell. When we met Sage, what we immediately liked about their approach is they were very personable and they were open to tailoring the system to meet our requirements. And I also liked that they had a lot of HR knowledge.”


Once MUFG had selected Sage Business Cloud People, we conducted a week workshop for MUFG HR. We went through each of their processes in detail to work out how the team would like to improve them. We used this information to customise the system and then implement it. MUFG was impressed by Sage’s fast deployment time when they appointed us. They were pleased that we delivered on time as promised.

Immediately, the HR team cut the time they had to spend on admin tasks. Veronica van der Hoeven says, “Sage Business Cloud People has transformed our productivity. We used to have one HR generalist to every 55-70 employees, whereas now it’s one to every hundred.” The MUFG team was also pleased to find they needed very little training for HR staff or employees because the system  is so intuitive. Employees found it easy to take up the self-service tools, so they could access and update their information whenever they wanted. Management have this better data at their fingertips so they can spot trends and gain insight that helps with future decisions.

With the basic system in place, we looked at MUFG’s reporting needs. They link with the finance team who look after payroll and our benefits, integrating their data for comprehensive reports. The team has since begun to exploit the recruitment, management and training tools, making processes more efficient and employee experience better.


Wider thinking
The experience of working with Sage exceeded MUFG’s expectations. Initially put off by a hard sell from other software vendors, they saw that we had a different approach. Veronica van der Hoeven and her team found us professional, easy to get on with and genuinely knowledgeable about HR. Veronica says, “Sage was interested in how to improve our processes and also how to improve the experience of the employees.” We knew that the key to the roll-out was making people’s lives easier and related everything back to that. It made a big difference.


“Sage understood HR. They were very interested in how to improve our processes and also how to improve the experience of the employees. How to make our lives easier, which is what it was all about.”
Veronica van der Hoeven, Managing Director

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