COVID-19: 4 steps for preparing and navigating the changes happening in the world of work
SagePeople + RSM

In the wake of Covid-19, within just a few weeks many organizations have gone from working in an office to being predominantly or 100% remote.

Arguably this is the biggest change the modern world of work has had to navigate, so preparing for this shift has been a challenge for many HR and People teams and their organizations across the globe.

So, in light of this, how can organizations continue to navigate the business implications and prepare for the changes that may still be ahead?

Watch the webinar featuring Sage People’s Sarah Hulsey, Head of Customer Success, and RSM’s Jennifer Busse, Management Consulting Director and Marni Rozen, People and Organization Management Consulting Director where they’ll discuss how HR and People teams can prepare their organization and adapt to the changes happening in the world of work due to Covid-19.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • What data you may need to ensure business continuity
  • The decisions HR and People teams need to make to adapt to the changing world of work
  • Designing and highlighting resources that are available to employees
  • How to effectively communicate the changes to your people