On-demand webinar

Forget engagement – its all about experiences

There’s an engagement crisis, and it’s a global issue. Employee productivity and engagement has been stagnant for decades, despite companies’ best efforts to improve it. In fact, productivity challenges are costing around $500 billion a year in the US alone. For years, we’ve focused solely on engagement, but this is not the answer.

What’s the one biggest thing that businesses can do to make sure that their people are productive? Well, according to our research: provide great workforce experiences.

By the end of this webinar attendees will be equipped with best practices to build workforce experiences that really get the best from their people. As a result, they’ll know how to truly engage their people, drive productivity and boost business performance, including:

  • Why employee experiences are so critical for success in today’s world of work
  • Top techniques for building employee experiences that people really want
  • How to use feedback to design better ways of working
  • How leaders can leverage technology and data to deliver better experiences

View our on-demand webinar with Mai-Po Wan, Head of Product Marketing at Sage Business Cloud People, who will share actionable advice on what you can do immediately to strengthen your workforce experiences for improved business performance.