On-demand webinar

Embracing a future of AI and automation: HR’s role

There aren’t many days go by where artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t hit the headlines. But what are the most important activities for HR here in getting to grips with this new world?This webinar will break down some key debates around how HR can best get to grips with a world of rapidly evolving technology, covering:

  • Just how seismic will the changes be?
  • What impact will other new developments such as blockchain, chatbots, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have?
  • How should HR prepare the workforce for these changes?
  • What are the ethical dimensions of new technology?
  • How can HR strike a balance between catering to the needs of today’s workforce and embracing future innovations?
  • How can HR work with suppliers to implement the best HR tech?

About the presenters:

Paul BurrinPaul Burrin
Paul Burrin is a work trends expert, self-proclaimed people geek and vice president at Sage People, part of Sage Business Cloud, a global cloud HR and People platform that helps organizations around the world to acquire, retain, manage and engage their workforce.


Rob McGrawRob McGraw
Rob McGraw works with partners across academia, government, technology vendors, start-ups, and other key stakeholders to drive innovation within the firm and develop new services for clients. He is an evangelist for responsible technology and promotes awareness of the growing ethical agenda relating to AI.


Linda KennedyLinda Kennedy
Linda Kennedy has over 28 years of HR experience across a range of industries, and geographies. She speaks several languages including French, German and Spanish and is an associate of the Institute of Linguists. Linda’s specialty areas are OD, change management and engagement.


Julia WellbeloveJulia Wellbelove
Julia Wellbelove is a chartered occupational psychologist and head of research at Roffrey Park.