On-demand webinar

Forget about engagement, it’s all about productivity

There’s an engagement crisis, and it’s a global issue.

People productivity and engagement has been stagnant for decades so it’s increasingly more important to find ways of improving productivity output.

By focusing and delivering great workforce experiences, attendees will be better equipped to build workforce experiences that really get the best from their people.

Join Sage’s Laurie Beppel for this on-demand webinar to discuss:

  • Why employee experiences are so critical for success in today’s world of work
  • Techniques for building employee experiences that people really want
  • How to use feedback to design better ways of working
  • How leaders can leverage technology and data to deliver better experiences

About the Presenter

Laurie BeppelLaurie Beppel
Laurie Beppel has been in the Payroll, HR space for over 25 years with the last 14 of those at Sage. Currently, Laurie’s the product marketing manager for global Sage People and Cloud Payroll in the US and Canada.