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Sage People releases report on the state of HR tech at 40 global companies

Following its successful ‘Lets get IT started’ breakfast briefing featuring Roddy Temperley, Group HR Director at SDL, Sage People has released a report that illustrates some surprising statistics and conclusions from their research project, which uncovers many common concerns technology companies have with their HR systems.

At the start of the year, Sage People began its research which was dedicated to interviewing 40 medium and large UK technology companies, most of which operate globally.  As a vendor of HR systems in the cloud, Sage People was intent on finding out how current HR systems are coping as businesses scale globally, as well as how many businesses are planning to change HR systems in the next 18 months.

The results Sage People uncovered were surprising. 76 per cent of businesses the company spoke to planned to change HR systems within 18 months, and nearly half of these businesses planned on making the change in 2014.

Salary planning stood out as a particular pain point. 80 per cent of the businesses interviewed use complex spreadsheets for salary planning, and 100% of businesses cited some element of “spreadsheet hell.” The high percentage of businesses using spreadsheets did not come as a surprise however – the findings also established that 25% of businesses have a HR system that cannot hold all global employee records, meaning that multiple systems must be used, reconciled and aggregated. Legacy systems are not helping the problem – many of them require data to be exported to Excel to be manipulated for reporting and analysis.

Accessibility was also highlighted as an issue. In an increasingly cloud-based world, we are used to being able to work remotely but unfortunately this is not the case for the 84% of companies that can only access their HR system from the office or via a dedicated VPN.

These are only a few of the many detailed statistics and conclusions contained within the findings. The full reporting containing all the findings from the research is available for download today.

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