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Raising your game and remote experience with HR automation

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Automation is a gamechanger for HR.

This has always been the case – but today it’s more important than ever, as HR and People teams look to use technology to transform how they manage remote workforces, and free up time from admin to concentrate on more pressing issues and the things that really matter.

With automation, HR leaders can free up a whopping 30% of your HR teams’ time, liberating them from processes and paperwork. More importantly, automation means better experiences for your workforce. It gives employees autonomy to do things themselves, such as managing their teams, setting objectives or booking vacation.

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover how to raise your game with HR automation, including:

  • How automation plays a vital role transitioning an organization away from transactional HR
  • The benefits automation for your HR team, workforce and business growth
  • The five vital outcomes you can achieve by embracing HR Automation
  • How to free up time to concentrate on what really matters as a result

About the Presenter:

Hannah WrightHannah Wright
Hannah Wright is the Product Marketing Director at Sage People. In her role, Hannah is responsible for Sage People’s product marketing content creation globally, and has over 13 years’ experience across different areas of marketing.