On-demand webinar

How to build employee experiences that really drive productivity

Presenter: Paul Burrin, VP, Sage  Business Cloud People

Program length: 60 minutes

How productive are your people?

Sage recently spoke to more than 3,500 employees about what really drives them at work. Over one-third admitted they’re productive for less than 30 hours per week. That’s equivalent to more than a whole day that they’re turning up at work, but not tuning in.

Every organization needs their people to be productive, yet employers are in the midst of a productivity crisis. What’s the one biggest thing that businesses can do to make sure that their people are productive? According to Sage’s research, it’s providing great workforce experiences.

In this program, we will look at what really drives employees. How can employers engage them through great workforce experiences? What’s the role HR and People teams should play? And how can modern technologies be used to design new ways of working to drive better experiences? You will hear best practices to build workforce experiences that really get the best from your people.

Paul BurrinAbout the Presenter:
Paul Burrin is an expert in how the intersection of technology, HR and marketing is changing work trends. He is vice president of Sage Business Cloud People, a global HR and people system which helps global mid-sized organizations apply new ways to acquire, manage and engage their people.