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Sage Business Cloud People deploys in 90 days as worldwide workforce grows from 500 to 1900.

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About SolarWinds

With over 2,200 employees in 11 countries worldwide, SolarWinds’ rapid growth has earned it a place in the Forbes list of the top ten fastest growing technology companies. Their mission is to provide software that makes IT professionals’ jobs easier – giving them tools to solve IT management problems of all kinds.

Great service and real value are at the heart of their approach. SolarWinds puts users first and refuses to inflate the prices of its leading edge, corporate grade products. These principles have brought them 250,000+ customers worldwide and continuing path of growth and profit.


SolarWinds’ business strategy is to go into new markets to meet expanding demand. Their established business is growing at the same time. With twelve acquisitions in recent years, they need to engage new employees quickly and keep things simple.

“Sage Business Cloud People has radically changed and improved how SolarWinds is able to manage its workforce, enabling our growth and driving efficiency. It shines a light on attrition and other measures to help us make business decisions more effectively.”
Jennifer Alessandra, Senior Vice President of HR

Without a comprehensive HR system, SolarWinds’ employee data was spread across many spreadsheets and local payrolls. They reported using spreadsheets. The manual work was hard, took a long time and was prone to human error. They didn’t have one version of the truth.

SolarWinds knew they needed a single, scalable and agile recording and reporting system for all of its employees round the world. They wanted to maintain personal information and changes accurately and consistently. The system had to support compliance both in the US and in other regions where laws are different. Local paid time off variances were a particular issue. As well, SolarWinds wanted great reporting. They wanted to be able to drill down and look at data from different views to gain more insights and answer key workforce-related business questions. Integration with existing ADP payroll and ICMS recruitment systems was important too.


Sage Business Cloud People was a cost-effective solution that the executive team knew could scale to meet SolarWinds’ planned growth. Deployed within 90 days, the HR team saw immediate benefits.

On-boarding new staff effectively is key to business success. When it’s not done efficiently or quickly enough, it leads to attrition and loss of productivity. But with Sage Business Cloud People, new hires and ongoing HR took far less time, despite the growing headcount. Jennifer Alessandra explains, “Over the time that we grew the company from 500 employees to 1900 employees, the department that’s responsible has only increased 30% instead of 400% because of the system’s automation.”

The management team now relies on Sage Business Cloud People for automated operational reporting. It’s taken away a big admin burden from the HR, payroll and finance teams. With new data driven insight, the HR team can contribute to more strategic decisions. For example, they’ve identified and improved the unpaid absence management process, because it has stock vesting implications.

SolarWinds is taking advantage of more and more the system’s features and capabilities. Time tracking in the Philippines uses electronic timecards and manager approvals. Performance management and salary planning are rolling out. The system also supports ever-improving employee engagement through great workforce experiences, including self-service.

Wider thinking

SolarWinds wanted – and got – a cloud HR solution that could keep pace with the current and future rapid growth of the company and support the immediate needs of managing the workforce. But there was a cultural aspect to their choice too. They’re heavily focused on user experience and were drawn to a software vendor that shared this value. In the final selection against Workday, Sage tipped the balance on both price and service.

Jennifer Alessandra says, “We found the team was very attentive and very interested in making sure we had a great experience as we were selecting and deploying the software. Workday would have used a third party to do implementation: we were much more comfortable having the direct relationship with  Sage.”

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