HR automation powers meteoric growth at Expereo

Technology provider Expereo turns to Sage People to ramp up growth and provide world-class strategic HR to the business

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The Netherlands

Opening a new office in a new country almost every two years since its inception, Expereo’s growth has been meteoric.

As one of the world’s leading internet and cloud connectivity providers, specializing in global managed services for hybrid or internet-based networks, Expereo has over 11,000 customers, ranging from government to large enterprises across 190 counties, and employs over 300 people. In the rapidly changing technology sector, this ambitious company needed an HR system that could keep pace with its growing organization.

Sander Barens, Chief Commercial Officer at Expereo, says with the company’s growth over the past 15 years, the previous HR system had become untenable. “We didn’t want our digital journey to stop with the portals and the apps that we’re providing to our customers,” he explained. “We are on a digital journey ourselves as well.”

However, the company could no longer manage all their people and processes with their previous systems. Most importantly, the HR and People team wanted to give employees an interface to interact with the HR team and feel more integrated within the company, so they had the best possible employee experience with Expereo.

Expereo’s HR team knew that the manual processes they were facing weren’t scalable. “We were relying on the information kept in my head,” laughs HR Manager, Cecile van der Hulst. “Instead, we needed a system that could capture information and free up time to enable the HR team to add more value back to the business.”

Flexibility and functionality
Van der Hulst says the company had some strong demands on the type of HR system it required in order to fulfil its growing and changing requirements. Expereo wanted to implement self-service HR, so employees would be able to manage their own profiles and book time off. Crucially with some employees needing to travel, a mobile app was an essential component.
Additionally, Van der Hulst wanted to consolidate data silos for more effective reporting: “We spend a huge amount of time doing manual reporting so we also needed a system that would help us conduct our reporting more quickly and flexibly, without having to just rely on the information that’s in my brain.” After a thorough evaluation, Expereo chose Sage People.

Delivering the best experience
“Our experience with Sage People was really good from the first time we reached out for an information session,” says Van der Hulst. “We learned so much from the presentations they hosted, the quote was simple and easy to understand, and the project management throughout the implementation was fantastic,” she explains. “Now that the system is live, if we have any questions or any issues with anything, it’s usually resolved in just a few hours. It’s been a very smooth ride for us with Sage People,” she says.

Kaitlin Huelswitt, HR Administrator at Expereo, uses Sage People every day in her role. She says the system has allowed the company to achieve short-term goals quickly, and received an enthusiastic reception from management and employees alike. Expereo uses Sage People as the local intranet, renamed to ‘myXpereo’, which has been rolled out to all offices globally.

Prior to Sage People, accurate data entry for regional requirements such as vacation days, public holidays, benefits and currencies used to be a mammoth task. “We’ve reduced that effort by 75% using Sage People. It’s been really successful across all of our locations,” Huelswitt is pleased to report.

The global nature of Expereo’s business, coupled with its energetic growth rates, means the company is constantly opening new offices – another challenge for the HR team. “We opened up offices with our previous solution and it was tedious and time-consuming to capture what we could in that system,” said Van der Hulst.

“The efficiencies that Sage People brings to Expereo has been an important factor in driving our growth.”
Sander Barens, Chief Commercial Officer, Expereo

Since the roll out of Sage People, Expereo has continued to expand and has opened new offices across the globe–in Brazil, Poland, France and the UK. Van der Hulst says that Sage People has made the HR process much simpler, and less time consuming. “We have saved so much time,” she comments. “It can take us as little as 30 minutes now, whereas it would have taken days before, meaning we can focus on more strategic HR needs.”

Van der Hulst adds that the system has given the company a global overview, especially important given the rate of expansion and company growth.

“We can now see what’s happening in every office, which roles are available and where we have performance or training requirements,”smiles a happy Van der Hulst. “This information helps ensure we retain the best people who can help Expereo grow even more.”

Bringing HR value back into the business
Huelswitt says the company uses the system across the board. “Every team member uses myXpereo for everything from booking vacations and attendance, to team manager and team members setting objectives for the year. We can track how everyone is getting on and have a constant review process to help ensure employee engagement and retention.”

Expereo can now track new team members who are joining the company across the world, which has made the on-boarding process simpler and more agile. Van der Hulst explains: “By creating a positive welcome through the on-boarding experience, it helps to create a great impression, and set HR up as a key pillar of the business.”

“Reporting today takes me an hour a month,” she explains. “Previously it was at least half a day and that’s when we were half the size we are now. The senior leadership team see the difference – now when they ask for data, it’s accurate and its fast, and it’s in their inbox within minutes.”

“Reporting today takes me an hour a month. Previously it was half-a-day a week.”
Cecile Van der Hulst, HR Manager, Expereo

This frees up time for the HR team to spend more attention on strategic initiatives including staff retention, talent development, performance management, on-boarding of staff and succession planning. “All these vital elements of HR didn’t get much time previously, but now they get the focus they deserve, and in a competitive market where we want to attract and retain the best talent, Sage People enables that to happen,” says Van der Hulst.

Automation leads to significant savings
For Huelswitt, the platform isn’t just about providing the best experience to existing employees, it’s also about attracting top talent to Expereo. She says the recruitment functionality within Sage People helps her assess multiple candidates at once and easily send personalized replies.

“Previously we had hundreds of CVs coming into one inbox and we’d deal with them one by one,” she explains. “With Sage People it’s automated but retains a personalized approach.”

The company has seen major benefits since the introduction of Sage People. In the first three months after launch, the company on-boarded 14 new team members across global offices, and the time taken has been reduced dramatically from days to just a few hours.

The process allows the team to track progress from the interview, with the uploaded candidates’ resume sent securely to the hiring manager, ensuring compliance with regional data laws around the handling of personal information. If a candidate is successful, the system can then send the offer digitally.

“The entire hiring process is done through Sage People,” says Van der Hulst, “and this has helped us immensely and means that we can find and hire the right people, at the right time to help the business grow.”

Barens concludes: “The efficiencies that Sage People brings to Expereo has been an important factor in driving our growth. Sage People supports our vision of what a multicultural environment should be, as well as providing a system that makes HR a strategic business partner.”

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