Fidor Bank modernizes its approach to people management

Major financial house invests in Sage People to optimize and improve HR and People processes

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Fidor Bank

Fidor Bank is an innovative, rapidly growing German bank with 380,000 personal account holders, with additional growth coming from business-to-business (B2B) customers.

Sage Business Cloud People allows the company to centrally process employee data from all locations. As a result, Fidor Bank’s HR and People team are able to gain a holistic view of all relevant personal data, freeing up valuable time and improving team efficiency.

The challenge

Fidor Bank set out on their search for a global HR solution that would streamline and optimize these processes – and decided in favor of Sage People. The bank consists of four different companies which operated with their own HR systems, so it was vital to make internal processes easier with the new system.

“Above a certain company size, centrally managed HR processes are indispensable,” emphasizes Inés Brand, HR Administration Team Leader at Fidor Bank. “Fidor Bank’s agile working environment often results in changes, for example, in the roles, responsibilities and reporting lines of employees,” explains Brand. An integrated system that allows for data to be centrally controlled was therefore a key objective in the search for a global HR system.

“The collaboration with Sage was excellent.”
Inés Brand, HR Administration Team Leader, Fidor Bank

“Fast and consolidated reporting functionalities as well as the integration of existing interfaces, such as with our IT or Payroll department, were important to us,” Brand explains.
“With the reporting feature of Sage Business Cloud People, we can now run monthly KPI evaluations such as staff turnover, diversity, head counts and FTEs – even divided into the different companies and locations.”

By integrating the payroll interfaces, all employee data is now automatically forwarded and unified across the company locations. The IT department is also informed automatically if, for example, a new employee has been created in the system, through the ability to connect the company’s own ticket system to the Sage People system. The reduced manual effort has led to a lower error rate, and saved significant time for the bank.

The solution

For the implementation of Sage Business Cloud People, the existing individual data sets of the various HR departments were first consolidated to form a simplified, coherent database. “During this phase, we gained a very important lesson,” comments Brand. “It‘s very important to be clear in advance about which information should be displayed for which employee. And, the people who will work with the system later, must be involved right from the planning phase.”

After an initial introduction phase with the new Sage People system, the employees quickly adopted the system and familiarized themselves with the new processes. Employees commented in particular that the ability to hold all their data in the system was transparent, and meant that it could be much more accessible thanks to the clear and user-friendly dashboards. As a result, both employees and the HR team were able to save day-to-day time and effort.

The result

The investment of Fidor Bank in Sage Business Cloud People has already paid for itself. The conclusion of Brand after the introduction of the software is very positive: “The collaboration with Sage was excellent, the training on the system was conducted very professionally. Additionally, our personal consultant, whom Sage had dedicated to us, was always a reliable point of contact.”

The outlook

Due to their positive experience with Sage Business Cloud People, Fidor Bank plans to use further modules on a global scale in the future. It is, for example, planning to store target agreements and positions in the system and to document employee appraisals. In the medium term, the company is planning to use the software for career planning and development.

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