Solving the challenges of GDPR and managing a dispersed workforce

Bisnode ensure compliance with GDPR across 19 countries and 2,100 employees using Sage Business Cloud People

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Cecilia Westerholm Beer, Chief HR Officer, Bisnode
“My responsibility is to make sure that people have as a good of the people experience as they can to make sure that they really contribute to the results of our company”
“My name is Cecilia Westerholm Beer and I am the chief HR officer at Bisnode. Bisnode is a data and analytics company. We operate in 19 countries across Europe and we’re about 2,100 employees.”

The Challenge:

Managing a global workforce

“Operating in 19 countries is quite a challenge. When I started at the company, it was just one year before GDPR would come into effect and I quickly realized that we were not going to be compliant to GDPR unless we did something quick. It would take me about a week to get good data out of the different kinds of system around the company.”

Sara Magnusson, Group HR Lead – Talent, Bisnode
“The first day at Bisnode I went to find someone’s phone number and I think I went through email signatures, and asked a colleague, it was a bit of a hassle to get through to just finding people.”

Cecilia Westerholm Beer
“In order to employ the right people, to keep the right people and to just be the best that we could, we need to be able to analyze data and couldn’t really do that.”

Sara Magnusson
“We have seven or eight different recruiting tools, some countries don’t have anything at all where a lot of the work happens on various job boards, internal as well as external posting, we need to make sure that we give the candidate an easy way in and an easy way to stay.”

The Solution:

Becoming a people company

Cecilia Westerholm Beer
“Sage People is a system that follows the employee on his or her journey throughout the work at Bisnode, so it’s the handrail throughout the journey.”

Vesna Mrazic, Regional HR, Bisnode
“What I’m really excited about is to have one single source where I have all the data around employees. A recruitment tool which is very important for me, to capture all these challenges that we have in different countries.”

The Outcome:

Connected HR smarter business decisions
“I can now see so many different areas, but one common view and it’s so easy to use.”

Sara Magnusson, Group HR Lead – Talent, Bisnode
“Get inside the doors of Bisnode and you would recognize this system as this is where I applied, this is where they keep my information this is also now where I will find my colleagues. Having this data in one place allows us to learn from each other, to use best practices, and to optimize the way we work.”

Cecilia Westerholm Beer
“For me, it’s been a great experience and I’m just happy to kind of lean backwards and look and see how our people are working together in a really good way.”