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Premium online dating provider benefits from multi-location HR management to drive international growth aspirations

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Clear HR management, high levels of data security and employee self- service. These are just some of the benefits that followed the introduction of Sage Business Cloud People for Spark Networks Services.

Improving all aspects of HR with Sage People

With over 220 employees, this premium on-line dating company has stringent requirements for its software and services – and since 2017 has been trusting Sage.

“With Sage Business Cloud People, we are benefiting from a lot of automated processes,” explains Fabienne Riener, Director of HR, Spark Networks Services. “For example, when we set up a new employee, information e-mails are sent directly to everyone who is immediately affected: the new employee, the team management and also to our system administrator. This means that everybody is instantly updated, which saves us so much work. At the same time, in our day-to-day administrative work, we also benefit from the clarity that the Sage People platform offers.”

“We have instant access to all employee data at any time and reports are now available in a single place. For us, that represents a significant improvement, including the administration of our HR data,” continues Riener. “The solution makes it so much easier to communicate with our employees: all HR requests, from vacation to salary adjustments, are handled directly through the system. This enabled us to cut the time spent and also the rate of errors made, as we no longer have to communicate in three directions at once.”

“Sage Business Cloud People proved to be the optimal solution for us.”
Fabienne Riener, Director of HR, Spark Networks Services

Simplified administration that saves time

Riener also considers the employee self-service portal to be an important development explaining, “Here, our employees in various different categories can maintain their personnel data themselves and also enter vacation dates. It means that we now have complete transparency. Our previous system could make no such guarantee.”

Riener also values now having the ability to adapt the software to changing requirements. “Process optimizations in IT are also of interest to me as the director of HR. Often you don’t notice until you start operating that you would like to have additional functionality in one place or another, such as a compulsory field in an input screen that you otherwise always forget to fill out. We can make these changes for ourselves too, without having to rely on external support. These are certainly minor details, but if it can save you two minutes of time spent every day, over the course of a year that saves you half a day. That definitely makes a difference.”

As an IT company, Spark Networks Services has specific requirements for the security of customer and company data. “We were already using an HR system but it has proven to be too insecure. Also, after managing our data in Excel spreadsheets and rudimentary databases for a while, it soon became clear that we needed a very secure, scalable HR solution to eliminate the drawbacks of isolated solutions and system breaches. A user-friendly, clear back end was essential for us too. And, obviously, we must not have data losses under any circumstances. In view of all these considerations and also in terms of value-for-money, Sage Business Cloud People proved to be the optimal solution for us.”

Achieving HR objectives

Spark Networks Services GmbH is characterized by its vision to become the world’s leading premium on-line dating company. Reliable, scalable HR and people software is crucial to achieve this objective. Riener believes the company is well prepared for the future with Sage People.

“We currently have a presence with our products in 29 countries worldwide, predominantly in the English-speaking world. Of course, we aim to grow and further build our position on the international market. Sage People will continue to support us in HR as we do so. We can adapt the platform to the current status of our business, locally and globally, at any time. And if we are unable to implement one of our requirements ourselves, the Sage People support team is available to provide assistance at any time,” says Riener.

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