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Truphone turned to Sage People to automate core HR processes – and free up time for the things that matter. A rapid deployment of  the Sage Business Cloud People system means they can now manage and forecast staffing costs better, streamline performance management processes and provide a truly user-friendly and branded self service experience. Meanwhile, the management team has unlocked vital, strategic people insight for planning and forecasting.


Corina Holmes, HR Director, Truphone
We are the world’s only global mobile telephone company. We currently have just over 400 employees. We were growing; we needed to have something that worked for policies and processes globally and locally. As we grew out to ten countries we doubled employee numbers. Trying to manage that size population on spreadsheets was becoming nigh on impossible. The risk that we had in not getting somebody onto the payroll fast enough when they joined, or taking them off the payroll when they left, was really going to impact us financially.

We didn’t even have a performance management system, so – four or five hundred people around the world, sending in their documents which we then read, that’s a big manual exercise.

The beauty of having an HR system which supports that process is that we can do it all online and that’s one of the real advantages I see of having the Fairsail [Sage Business Cloud People] system in place for us. It helps us manage our people better, whether we’re managing them from an HR perspective or whether we’re managing them as manager and you’re the employee. And that enables us to manage our cost base really, really tightly. You know, there was one month we recruited 84 people – in one month that’s a lot for a small business to take on. So I use the data a lot for organizational modeling: that’s one of the key parts that it has played for me in my role.

Our relationship with our finance colleagues is incredibly important, when it comes to how we forecast the salary bill, the potential bonus bill, how we accrue… Accurate forecasting around employee turnover – that enables us to manage our cost base really, really tightly. We just couldn’t have done that when we were managing off spreadsheets.

Caroline Weeks, Head of Recruitment, Truphone
What you have with an intuitive system like Fairsail [Sage Business Cloud People]: it can be all tracked through the system. So everybody comes in, they’re in the system from day one, that means we can track them straight away. That seems very simple, and it is quite simple, but the power of what it gives us in terms of data and compelling information for our managers is very important. It is very important that you track your people, track what they’re doing, track their development. And Fairsail [Sage Business Cloud People] allows us to do that.

We had to make sure that the system we had was fairly simple, fairly easy, fairly intuitive. And we needed the company we worked with to understand that we had a different mix of people from these large organizations and small organizations. And let’s face it, in large organizations people are used to self-service as normality. Our guys weren’t.

Corina Holmes, HR Director, Truphone
We are a start-up: we make our minds up and then we want to act very quickly and it was the same with Fairsail [Sage Business Cloud People]. And it was pretty quick – less than four months from signing the contract to going live.

So actually having employees and managers take control of their data and want to take control of their data, so that they know that they’re managing their people more effectively, has really been a huge advantage and that’s the way we’ve gone about getting people to adopt Fairsail [Sage Business Cloud People].

Caroline Weeks, Head of Recruitment, Truphone
I think many HR systems I have worked on previously have been set up by somebody, not necessarily the user. And they haven’t been that intuitive, they were almost “one size fits everything.” And clearly it doesn’t!

Corina Holmes, HR Director, Truphone
One of the things which we really liked about Fairsail [Sage Business Cloud People], one of the things which encouraged us to make the choice, was how easy it is to configure the system. The opportunity to take the product but make the look and feel be Truphone was just a big, big deciding factor for us. And that has really been a great advantage.