Boosting efficiency with an integrated HR and payroll solution

Not-for-profit organisation streamlines compliance, employee onboarding and gains better workforce visibility

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The story of Bridge Housing is one of rapid but sustainable growth. After a successful tender application in 2018, the organization added 1,200 properties to its portfolio in Sydney. The organization was looking for an integrated HR and payroll solution that could meet the growing needs of the company, leading to its decision to implement Sage People.

Jenny Woolley, HR Manager, Bridge Housing

I’m Jenny Woolley. I’m the HR Manager at Bridge Housing. We provide affordable and social housing to people and support those tenancies. So we’re really proud of what we do.

The challenge: Streamlining HR and Payroll

Jenny Woolley, HR Manager, Bridge Housing

HR before Sage was, a lot of paper, and a number of different systems that didn’t talk to each other at all. So a lot of focus went on making sure that we had data integrity and that we could create reports and metrics that made sense. A lot of effort, a lot of time, and Sage fixed that.

The solution: Sage People + MicrOpay

Jenny Woolley, HR Manager, Bridge Housing

In Sage People we can manage the whole employee lifecycle – recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews and other HR work, all in one place. And the same data is integrated with MicrOpay.

MicrOpay finally made us single-touch payroll compliant, which was a huge relief and it actually allowed us to move the payroll from being an outsourced payroll to an inhouse payroll. So we have a person managing and running our payroll that understands our business. I feel so relieved that we have a system that I can trust.

I love that I can go into the system and see real, accurate data. You can press a button and get your metrics in a fraction of the time that it used to take me manually.

Suzanne Conway, Business System Support Analyst, Bridge Housing

It’s a single source of truth for communications, for policies, for performance, for skills. It just makes everything a bit more streamlined for you as the administrator, but also for your staff.

Jenny Woolley, HR Manager, Bridge Housing

By streamlining so many processes, Sage has given the whole organization more time to do more valuable work.