CRU boosts efficiency and increases workforce visibility

Sage Business Cloud People provides CRU a scalable and flexible HR and people system, live in just 10 weeks


Sage allows CRU’s HR team to get accurate people insights instantly, find essential information easily, and build employee engagement across the globe with better experiences across their entire workforce. Find out how.


Speaker: Eleanor Simmons, HR Advisor, CRU

CRU is a business intelligence company. We work in the metals, mining and fertilisers industries. We focus on market intelligence and market analysis, price assessments, consultancy and events.

CRU has offices around the world: in the Americas, Europe, China, Asia and also Australia.

My name is Eleanor Simmons. I’m an HR advisor at CRU. I look after different teams across the business and I was also involved in the selection of Sage Business Cloud People as our HR system and then the implementation afterwards.

Our people are definitely why our business succeeds. We really want to focus on attracting talent and also retaining the talent within the business.

We definitely had some challenges with our previous system and it was really difficult so we did go back to using spreadsheets quite a lot of the time. Not just one spreadsheet for one thing but we had multiple spreadsheets across multiple teams.

One of the key features of a new system needed to be that we could access real time information. We needed to be able to produce reports when managers or different parts of the business needed them and we definitely needed to change that. Our previous system didn’t allow us the flexibility to be able to look at that information quickly.

The implementation with Sage Business Cloud People was a really good experience. We implemented within 10 weeks.

So Sage Business Cloud People has really helped us to gain better visibility of our employees across all of our offices, not just in one office. It’s also given us the opportunity to communicate better with those offices. It’s really easy to send targeted communications to employees in one location or one part of the business and that’s really helped with our engagement.

It’s so easy now for employees to go in and complete processes themselves such as booking holiday, changing their personal details and that has been really great that they can do that themselves rather than relying on someone in HR to do that for them. Sage Business Cloud People has definitely allowed us to add value to the business. We’ve been able to reduce a lot of time we were spending on inefficiencies, we’re able to create reports when management teams need it and that really frees up our time to be able to invest in the business in other areas.

The biggest thing that Sage Business Cloud People has helped us to do is to have visibility of our data and it’s created a one-source truth so we have one place where our employee data we know is correct, we know it’s up to date and we know it’s easy to change, we know it’s easy to create reports for management when they need it and I think that’s really helped us and it’s really helped the HR team’s productivity.

So our management team at CRU are really, really pleased with the system. They can go in, they can look at their employees, they can see data and information really clearly. Our CEO really likes the fact he can go in and see an employee number, the total number we have in the business really quickly and really easily.

Sage Business Cloud People definitely makes it easier for us to help with our growth aspirations. We’re looking at opening a new office in Asia and it is really going to help us to contact those employees to help communicate with them and to help build the new office out there.

After the go live we’ve continued to try to add to the system as well so we’ve implemented recruit module, we’re currently working on the on boarding features and also performance in the system as well so we’re always looking to use the system to see where we can add value.