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Rocketship Education wanted to streamline time-consuming processes and free up its HR team to focus on important HR issues and initiatives. Sage People’s simple-to-use system with customized reporting has delivered just that, and more. With their new HR management system, Rocketship’s HR is not just about transactional information any more – it’s about the people connection.


Dynasti Hunt, Vice President, Human Resources, Rocketship Education and Mirachel Santa Ana, Human Resources Manager

Dynasti Hunt, Vice President, Human Resources opens:
Rocketship Education is public charter network of schools. Our focus is on eliminating the achievement gap in our lifetime for the students that we serve in our neighborhoods. One of the key problems that we had as an organization was really trying to make sure we could streamline processes across the organization for benefits enrolment. There were a lot of different processes that were very time consuming in how we were doing things. We were using everything from Google docs, to Excel spreadsheets, to post it notes to even just verbal communication. And as you can imagine that meant that lots of different pieces of communication were getting lost along the way and causing a lot of frustration for our staff.

Hands to Mirachel Santa Ana, Human Resources Manager:
Benefits were processed through a third party site because it was a separate site we had to go in and input each employee’s basic information. So there was no connection to our current system. And then it was also a challenge as people wouldn’t remember that website and we had to remind them. If they made changes in that site there was no connection to our current site so there was no link to any changes being made and we didn’t always know when changes were done in that site to update our current system.

Hands back to Dynasti Hunt, Vice President, Human Resources
We at Rocketship Education looked at a lot of different systems. We wanted it to be a thoughtful process and to make sure we found the best system for our needs. So what made Sage People stand out from the rest of the vendors that we looked at were two key things. One was flexibility and the other was customer service. Sage People was the only system that we saw that could really meet the needs of a growing organization like Rocketship Education. So when we looked at other systems what we found were that there were loads of limitations about what the system could and could not do. And really couldn’t meet our needs long term as an organization. With Sage People the answer was ‘what more can we do for you’ and ‘yes we can give you that flexibility and how much more can you grow with us.’

Sage People was the only system that allowed us to streamline information going from the HR department to the payroll department in a very quick and seamless way.

Hands back to Mirachel Santa Ana, Human Resources Manager:
My biggest goal for having a new system was customization which is why I liked Sage People so much. The ability to create reports and pull the fields that you want and are looking for specifically was what I wanted. We had other systems where they just didn’t have that customization.

Hands back to Dynasti Hunt, Vice President, Human Resources:
The return on investment of having Sage People has been huge for us. This allows us to really be an HR team that can be a lot more focussed on the initiatives of employee engagement and retention versus thinking about how are we just dealing with very transactional information.

This is a system that allows you to take your human resources department and really change the structure, change the conversation and change the message of what work is. So it’s no longer about transactions, it’s more about the people connection. And the Sage People system really is a tool that allows you to do that so making sure that you don’t put yourself in a box with Sage People but get outside of the box with the system.

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