HR automation powers meteoric growth at Expereo

Technology provider Expereo turns to Sage People to ramp up growth and provide world-class strategic HR to the business



As one of the world’s leading internet and cloud connectivity providers, specializing in global managed services for hybrid or internet-based networks, Expereo has over 11,000 customers, ranging from government to large enterprises across 190 counties, and employs over 300 people. In the rapidly changing technology sector, this ambitious company needed an HR system that could keep pace with its growing organization. Previously, reporting took the HR team half a day a week. Today it takes just half an hour a month.


Sander Barens, Chief Commercial Officer, Expereo
“Expereo is a very ambitious company in a rapidly changing industry. We’re helping governments and enterprises with multinational locations with their Internet, SD-WAN and cloud requirements globally.”

The Challenge: Managing and modernizing HR within a growing global business

Sander Barens
“My name is Sander Barens; I’m the Chief Commercial Officer for Expereo. Our digital journey doesn’t stop with the portals and the apps that we’re developing for our customers. We are on a digital journey ourselves as well. Expereo has seen a very impressive growth over the last 15 years.”

Cécile van der Hulst, HR Manager, Expereo
“My name’s Cécile van der Hulst; I’m the HR Manager for Expereo. The manual processes we were facing, they weren’t scalable. We needed a system that could capture that all and at the same time, free up more of my time to add more value to the business. We wanted to implement MPU self-service, ideally also including mobile because lots of people here travel often. We wanted a recruitment module to automate a lot of the recruitment process for us, to make reporting a lot quicker and more flexible.”

The Solution: A flexible global system utilizing cloud technology

Kaitlin Huelswitt, HR Administrator, Expereo
“My name is Kaitlin Huelswitt; I am the HR Administrator here at Expereo. We have rolled Sage People out to all of our offices – so Amsterdam, Poland, Dubai, Singapore, the U.S., Argentina and Brazil. We use the Sage People Workforce Experience as our local intranet across all of our offices and we call it MyExpereo. Every team member uses MyExpereo mostly for vacation time attendance because that’s the most popular option, but we also have local benefits, employee handbooks, birthdays listed there.”

Cécile van der Hulst
“And the biggest differences are seen in time spent on the administrative side of recruitment.”

Kaitlin Huelswitt
“In the last three-and-a-half months, Sage People’s helped us on-board 14 new team members across all of our offices, so even though we’re here in Amsterdam, we know who’s starting in Singapore.”

Cécile van der Hulst
“Reporting takes me an hour a month as opposed to at least half a day before when we were almost half the size we are today, that would’ve grown exponentially had we not changed to Sage People, freed up time to actually build more value across the company, so retention, talent development, performance management and succession planning.”

The Outlook: HR delivering better business value

Kaitlin Huelswitt
“Sage People has positively changed how HR is delivered to the business.”

Cécile van der Hulst
“If you take the system away today, I don’t know what I’d do; I’d probably cry, to start with.”

Sander Barens
“It’s really been an important factor to be able to support our growth.”

Cécile van der Hulst
“Sage People has given us the insight to allow our managers to make better decisions. Without Sage People, we could not be where we are today.”