Investing in workforce experiences delivers returns at GAIN Capital

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Foreign exchange trading firm GAIN Capital knows all about investment – but not just financial. To support their continued growth, they’ve invested in their biggest asset for the future success of their organization: their people. Today, thanks to Sage People, the HR and People team have been freed up to concentrate on more of the things that matter – with better actionable insights at their fingertips.


Christine Sheedy: GAIN Capital is a retail trading firm. We have our roots in foreign exchange and we were a dot com in the early days of dot coms, but over the years we’ve expanded and we offer foreign exchange, futures, contracts for difference or spread betting and cryptocurrencies.

I’m Christine Sheedy, I’m the Global Head of Human Resources here at GAIN Capital.

The company itself had been in a bit of a growth spurt, it had been about 300 people, right now we have 600 employees globally. There was no database, there is no actual platform, I really wanted to have one view of who are people were, and provide one platform through which our employees would be able to interact with HR and support them through the entire employee lifecycle. But we also operate in 9 different countries, so that added complexity, and demanded that we find a supplier who can provide one solution globally and customize it to our needs.

Jen Lynch: I’m Jen Lynch, I’m the HR generalist at GAIN Capital. We had no organization whatsoever, when we do our comp review annually, everything spreadsheets and we always ran into these problems because people would put formulas in it and they would add in tabs. By the time I got back to HR it was just like nothing matched up, and it would be us having to take everything and put it in one Excel spreadsheet. We would pull the data out on the last day of the month it will take 2 weeks until we got to a really good point, and our system was just so hard to use that no one would use it.

Christine Sheedy: It became obvious to us, that Sage People was going to be the right solution. It had flexibility that allowed us to make it what we wanted, but had enough structure there that we didn’t have to dream up everything. We use our Sage People installation as our intranet. It is the way that we connect and communicate with our teams We were able to brand it to our own company, so we call it myGAIN. Within the first couple of weeks 100-percent of our employees had experienced myGAIN.

Jen Lynch: And now people actually go in and do performance management and there is self-service for employees. Our hiring manager can go in and make their recommendations for salary and bonuses, and their manager can come in and make recommendations and then all the way up to our CEO.

Christine Sheedy: And I’m able to so easily pull our stats on our retention numbers, on our turnover, we have exit interview data that’s already captured straight into Sage People, we don’t need to go outside of the system for that.

We’re able to solve business challenges really quickly which we need to do in this kind of a business environment – we work globally, we work fast work, we’re acquiring, we’re divesting – it’s an agile business and we need an agile system, to allow our employees to make the most of their experiences here,.

Jen Lynch: It’s definitely freed of a lot of HR time. I have to pull global headcount report once a month and we have to send it over to finance, we send it to compliance – since we have Sage People Now, it’s increased our speed by about 500x.

Christine Sheedy: Having a partnership with finance it allows them to access and trust our data, has really helped ensure that HR is the true accurate support. I don’t think that there is another product in the market that offers with Sage People does for us.