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MUFG’s priorities were better employee experience and improving HR processes, when they looked for an HR system to bring together data from their global offices and workforce. Using Sage People [Sage Business Cloud People] has brought substantial productivity and reporting benefits. It’s also been a surprisingly enjoyable experience for the HR team.


Speaker: Narrator
Mitsubishi UFG Fund Services is one of the largest and most trusted players in the complex world of asset servicing. They’re growing quickly, and partner with over 300 clients on 1,100 funds worldwide. Let’s see how they’re using Fairsail to optimise their HR processes and improve the employee experience on a global basis.

Speaker: Veronica van der Hoeven, Chief HR Officer
We’ve always tracked our HR data on spreadsheets and we haven’t had a centralized location where we could access and update data. I guess that coupled with our different time zones and my HR team being spread around the world, became very cumbersome.

So we have… in 2014 we had eight offices in seven locations and an ever increasing work population. And I think it just became apparent that we couldn’t thrive any longer without a HR system.

We want to make the employee experience excellent, and from day one, from when they come in and through their probationary period, and obviously with the plan that they stay with us. So it’s important to us to recruit the right people but very important for us to retain those people and make their experience the best it can be.

So we looked at some of the very big providers that had been recommended to us, and went through a process with them. We found initially that a lot of those providers were giving us a real hard sell. So I guess when we met Fairsail [now Sage People], what we immediately liked about their approach is they were very personable and they were open to tailoring the system to meet our requirements. And I also liked that they had a lot of HR knowledge.

But the most important thing to us to begin was to get our core data up on the system. We were going through a growth spurt, we had a recruitment drive on, so we needed to have our core data in one place to begin with. And we worked very closely with Fairsail [now Sage People], they conducted a week workshop which we all attended to, which was very beneficial, went through each of our processes in detail and how we would like them to work going forward.

So phase one had been rolled out since June. It’s very successful. What we really liked was that there was very little training required for our employees because it’s so intuitive. And phase two will concentrate on going into more detail with our reporting so that we can link it to the finance team who look after our payroll and our benefits, and also use the recruitment tool, management tool and our training tool.

Well I’d say one huge knock on effect is it’s reducing my team’s time on administrative tasks, freeing them up to do what they should be doing. And then of course another great benefit is the employees can use the self-service tool. So they are empowered to manage their own data, update it as they need to and of course managers have all this information now at their fingertips.

Speaker: Aengus Galloway, Associate Director
I think since Fairsail  has come on, HR have had much less of that sort of manual work of tracking personal data, tracking spreadsheets of holidays, tracking sick leave… all that sort of thing. I think that has enabled them to do much more value-added services for the rest of the company. And take my team in particular with recruitment: we found the level of vetting and the level of engagement of HR with the recruitment process much better than it was before.

And I think that’s because of the improved time that they have now. With Fairsail now they have much more transparency. They can see their personal details the same as HR have, they can see their holidays, they can see their days remaining for the year, they can see their last review, they can see their goals, they can see everything. That’s all as a result of transparency that Fairsail’s provided us.

Veronica van der Hoeven
I enjoyed our interactions with Fairsail from the very beginning as well. On top of being professional, they were easy to get on with, and as I said before, they understood HR. They were very interested in how to improve our processes and also how to improve the experience of the employees. How to make our lives easier, which is really what it was all about at the time we got the system.

Additionally, their implementation time was much faster than anybody else we looked at, and they delivered on time as well. So Fairsail has transformed our productivity. We used to have one HR generalist to every 55-70 employees, whereas now it’s one to every hundred.

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