AVEVA gains ‘one version of truth’ with Sage People

Improved, accurate people data across 40 locations helps the company build for the future


AVEVA needed an HR system that gave them confidence in the employee data they held for their rapidly growing global business. Sage’s practical, hands-on approach, and the flexibility to grow the system module by module and at their own pace hit AVEVA’s objectives, compared to solutions from other providers.


Paula Parker, Group Learning and Development Manager
AVEVA Solutions is a world class provider of engineering design software and enterprise solutions to design and manage really big assets such as oil rigs, container ships, process power plants and nuclear power plants, etc.

And 80% of the world’s ships oil rigs and process power plants are actually designed using our software. When I joined the company we had 550 people. Eight years later we have approx 1,700 employees and we have over 40 offices around the world. Employee law within Rio is very different to the UK and how holidays are spread and so we wanted something that could cope with that global approach.

I think one of the first things we wanted to do was have everybody on a self-service system so that HR are not the ones that need to be processing everybody’s change of address or change of bank details and those kinds of small things.

I would say that people are pleased and have got used to the system. It’s highly intuitive. We no longer need to enter new starter and leavers manually in the Learning Management System (LMS) because there has been an integration piece with our LMS. So we wanted something that was highly configurable, but also we didn’t want to take a sledgehammer to crack a nut really.

And some of the really big players it gets very, very complicated and we wanted to work with somebody I suppose was more of our size and their expertise was within supporting people of our size. And somebody really I suppose that wasn’t so stuffy. That could be quite practical, hands-on and pragmatic.

Who have we got, where have we got them, how many and at which levels and all of the diversity and inclusion issues as well. We were never really quite sure of which version of data was correct so certainly having it all streamlined and having ‘People zone’ through Fairsail [Sage Business Cloud People] as our one version of the truth has definitely helped us. We have just done the annual salary review process and for sure we have decreased the time taken in managing that process by 50%.

And our big focus for this year will be on talent management and succession planning. But the fact that we’ve been able to take it at a reasonable pace, but at a pace that suits us and allows us to embed each module into the business has been really important.

Quick implementation and an intuitive system at an affordable cost with some pragmatic help and advice then absolutely, give it a go. And if you want to see it for real then we would be happy to share some of our experiences.

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