On-demand webinar

8 ways to create workforce experiences that really drive productivity

How many of your employees are reading this at work right now?

Over a third of employees admitted they’re productive for less than 30 hours a week in a recent study we conducted with over 3,500 workers. Overall, low productivity is costing the US a staggering $450 – $550 billion a year.

The solution, our research found, lies in positive workforce experiences. 78% of employees said that this is important to them, something which jumps to 92% of younger generations.

Join Sage’s Justin McWhorter as he talks attendees through the several common themes from our research on what a great workforce experience means for employees, and how to really drive productivity as a result.

By the end of the webcast, you will:


  • Understand the differences between what employees and their employers think
  • Know what are the top productivity drivers for workers – and what our research said about what’s stopping them
  • Come away with the top tips for building employee experiences that workers really want, and key stats and strategies they can use and execute in their roles today as a result