Broch Cleminson

Sage Business Cloud People
Published on 7th March 2019
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Nominated by Perry Timms, Founder at People and Transformational HR

“I’ve been blown away by not just Broch’s appetite for learning, but how quickly she assimilates information and puts it into practice.

“Way ahead of expectations, Broch was handling client contact and advice; running workshops and training-type sessions; and has delivered keynote speeches on topics that are progressive, pioneering and complex. All in Broch’s first year as an HR professional, having only recently qualified with an MBA in HR Management.”

Broch’s advice to other women just starting out in HR

“HR is a place where being different equates to the difference people can make to their world of work. So, embrace your quirks, have the courage to be vulnerable in the pursuit of being yourself, and be comfortable with how you show up with your energy, creative designs and applied thinking.”

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