Tabitha Burhop

Sage Business Cloud People
Published on 7th March 2019
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Nominated by Estelle Shepherd, Global Head of Talent at ?What If!

“In less than two years Tabi has gone from scheduling interviews and chasing down feedback, to headhunting and onboarding senior people in our business. She took a fledgling idea for a recruiting bootcamp and now completely owns it. She engages with talent, hosts and facilitates on the day and her instinct around good hires is sought after.

“She’s done all this with grace, charm, humor and never once lost sight of the person behind the candidate. She never goes through the motions – even when the pressure is on and the stakes are high. She will be my boss one day, and I’ll consider myself very lucky.”

Tabitha’s advice to other women just starting out in HR

“There is no process which fits all, because Talent deals with people and all the complex hopes, dreams and emotions which come with them. Therefore, decisions must be made balancing commercial direction and human emotion.

“It’s about working out how to get the best out of people in a way which stays true to your company values and the human beings at hand. You need to be prepared to work with all sides of human nature – from the ecstasy of offering people jobs, to the difficultly of making people redundant.”

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